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To fully experience life and the creativity of the human spirit is the inspiration for everything I do. I am inspired by what's cool, all things artisan and have but one goal... to stimulate your "WOW".

Bobby Spade

Celebrating the cars and coffee lifestyle.


Shift stands at the precipice of the cars and coffee culture. Owned and operated by motoring enthusiast, fabricators and builders we love and and represent everything motorsports and sports car. Well that and Hot Rod, muscle car, classic, sport bike, and cafe racer. Located on historic route 40 in North Sacramento across from SoCal Speed Shop, we are a gathering place fellow motoring enthusiast who are looking for a place to meet while enjoying the best Mocha's, Latte's and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches in Scramento.


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A historical hotel gets a new coat of paint


To say that Roberto Domingo was just a tea company would be comparable to saying Bentley is a car company. Roberto Domingo Rose Petal tea was an experience in taste style and class. Sold in 2013 Roberto Domingo still ranks as the most indulgent, hand picked, white rose tea sold do date.

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Farm to Fork Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.


Not only do we make the best damn grilled cheese sandwiches ever, we also make our own cheese! And yep you guessed it, it's the best damn cheese ever. Our cheese is made in small batches using traditional recipes to ensure old-fashioned flavor. The small size of our factory affords the flexibility to work at the pace of the cheese, which is critical in the production of premium cheese. Each vat of cheese is worked by hand and carefully monitored by the cheese-maker to bring out the natural quality found in our Pasture-Based Milk. You can find our cheese in high quality stores like Safeway.


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Rugged wear premium style.


Celebrating the culture of creativity is what Steel & Lumber is all about. We celebrate things built by hand and the men who pour their heart and soul into them. Our rugged clothing and hand made accessories pay homage the both the men who build and the and things well made.


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Small batch, hand made artisan cheeses.


Our Artisan Cheese Factory, also known as Loleta Cheese Factory, has been recognized not only for the awesome cheese we produce but also for its award winning garden and quaint country store. Humboldt is where we truly put the "art" in Artisan with our handmade recipes, small batches, use of only the highest-quality ingredients and yummy grilled cheese sandwich bar. From the skillfully blended spices and cultures to the hand packaging, we personally oversee each step of the process to ensure that whichever delectable piece of cheese you select in our store exceeds your expectations.

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